Vijay Eswaran Writes About His Philosophy Of What Real Leadership Looks Like

Entrepreneur Vijay Eswaran recently wrote down his philosophy of what being a true leader is all about. He says that what separates a true leader from other types of leaders is that they know it is now about going around and telling people what to do. What he was taught by his father was that a real leader believes in “service above self“. He says he learned by example from watching how his father worked hard to develop the talents of other people. His father helped them grow personally and professionally and so helped his own company grow.

To be a real leader Vijay Eswaran says to put others before yourself. He cites examples he grew up reading about like Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. He said they were ordinary people who became great leaders not because they told people what to do but instead served a greater purpose by helping others.

Five qualities stand out to Vijay Eswaran on what makes a great leader. These include really caring about others and being able to clearly explain your vision. He says you need to develop core values such as truth, acceptance, and compassion. He says you need to commit to growth, helping the people around you develop their talents.

Finally, he says you need to be willing to sacrifice in order to be a true leader. Vijay Eswaren says that true leaders usually don’t choose that path but it is instead thrust upon them. He points to Nelson Mandela as an example of this. In order to achieve the greater good they are willing to give up and surrender themselves. By being willing to sacrifice everything in your life will inspire others to join your cause and make it their own.

Vijay Eswaren is the founder and executive chairman of the Hong Kong-based QI Group of Companies.